AI for Chest X-Rays

iDoc-X is developed to detect medical abnormalities in chest and mammary glands using medical images ( X-Rays and digital mammograms ). This includes –  TB, Scars, Opacities, Pleural Effusion, Nodule, Cavity, Cardiomegaly, Consolidation, Fibrosis, Blunted CP, Pneumothorax, Pneumonia, Covid 19 and presence of calcification in mammary glands. The software scans a Chest X-Ray image and outputs the probability of chest abnormalities.  The solution is based on a convolutional neural network with more than 121 layers and an advanced count of CNN layers.



iDoc-X detects chest abnormalities, also allows the Radiologist to prioritise the CXR based on the presence of abnormality. The solution delivers clinical augmentation. Also, non-clinical augmentation such as session time and cost improvement. Triage service is focused on prioritisation with a focus on time & cost in the care delivery system.