Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for humanity post World War II which continues to have a catastrophic effect on health, social, and economic aspects on the global population to date. In the current testing time, technology could play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and monitoring of the infection, assist clinicians to make better clinical decisions, and save lives.

We have developed an AI-powered solution to identify and prioritise Covid-19 infection using digital chest X-ray. The solution classifies them in 3 categories as “Normal”, “Covid19 Infection” and “Non-Covid Infection” with seamless workflow integration.

The prioritisation is coupled with an indicative suggestion of infection severity for Covid-19 infection. This is defined as “Cov Acuity Index”, based on the ground glass opacities (GGO), which gives an idea as to when the patient requires ventilator support.

The solution reduces the diagnosis time, assist in cross-validation of infection and enhances coordination. Resulting in the optimized usage of critical resources like – ICUs beds and ventilators. Also, augments the diagnostic capabilities and improve clinical management in hospitals.