iDoc-HMS: TCL Hospital Management System

iDoc-HMS is an AI powered solution from Teleglobal Consulting Ltd, UK, that helps healthcare delivery organisations look beyond traditional module-based applications and focus on a platform-based application that unleashes quantum improvements in revenue cycle management and clinical processes productivity and attains time-to- service for care providers.

Value Proposition

Improved Efficiency
  • Reduce Patient Wait Time
  • Seamless care pathways reduce pilferages
  • Focus on Operational Excellence with strategic cost management
  • Efficient inventory management with strategic cost management
  • Customised Templates for operations and performance measurement
Integrated Quality of Care
  • Patient-centric services
  • Improvised Patient Dashboard
  • Monitoring Patient Journey across specialties
  • Evidence-based care
  • Focus on reduction of errors
Integrated EMR
  • Integrated Information flow across departments
  • Information exchange between Clinical and Non clinical practices to improve care delivery
  • Integrated decision support system(DSS)
  • RIS/LIS/PACS integration with iDoc-HMS to enhance care effectiveness
Data for Decision
  • Integrated CEO dashboard for insights to enable better decision making
  • Monitoring real-time performance of operations
  • Quality Indicators monitoring to improve care
  • Operational Indicator monitoring to identify opportunities for improvements
  • Notifications and alerts for fast, effective and in-time actions by management team

iDoc-HMS Transformation Care Pathway

iDoc-HMS key approach is to empower healthcare practitioners to transform the care pathways by improving processes using innovative technology and domain knowledge. The modular, configurable, adaptable and interoperable platform transform the care and make it more accessible and affordable for patients.

iDoc - Hospital Management System

Key Features

Clinical Services
  • Diagnosis & Drug Management
  • Ward Management
  • Surgical Unit Management
  • Lab Management
  • Pharmacy Management
Performance Management and Business Intelligence
  • Operational Indicators Reporting
  • Specialty-Wise Performance
  • Revenue & Profitability Reporting
  • RIS-LIS-PACS Integration
Patient Management Services
  • IPD Management
  • OPD Management
  • Diagnostics
Hospital Management Services
  • Centralised Procurement
  • ERP-Billing
  • Pharmacy
  • Utilities

Accessible - Connected - Adaptable - Real Time

Deployment Sites

  • Clearmedi Hospital and Cancer Centre, Ghaziabad, India
  • Clearmedi- Monark Cancer Hospital, Nanded, India
  • Hamdard Imaging Center, Hamdard Hopsital, Delhi, India
  • Clearmedi Radiant Hospital, Mysore, India