Our bespoke Picture Archiving and Communication System is a complete solution for mid size and small size hospitals. The solutions is AI driven PACS viewer and annotation tool to view the AI processed images in the Radiologist Cockpit / RIS. In the iDoc-PACS module, a Radiologist can view the AI filtered and processed images with suggested bounding box (demarcation of disease on the image) to further clinical interpretation.

iDoc-PACS can be integrated with any hospitals information management system and RIS and HL7 and HIPPA complaint.


iDoc-PACS aims at providing a simple, yet powerful standalone DICOM server. It is designed to improve the DICOM flows in hospitals and to support research about the automated analysis of medical images. iDoc-PACS lets its users focus on the content of the DICOM files, hiding the complexity of the DICOM format and of the DICOM protocol.

iDoc-PACS can turn any computer running Windows, Linux or OS X into a DICOM store (in other words, a mini-PACS system). Its architecture is lightweight and standalone, meaning that no complex database administration is required, nor the installation of third-party dependencies.

iDoc-PACS viewer is being developed to prioritise the cases and assist the Radiologist to identify the critical cases through coloured notifications. The input is infused to iDoc-PACS by AiRAD.