iDoc-Lx: Data Analytics powered Laboratory Information System

iDoc-Lx: AI powered Laboratory Information System

iDoc-Lx, a specialised cost-effective, patient centric, quality focused, cloud-based solution for multi-location Diagnostic Imaging Centers, complimenting our flagship product iDoc-HMS. The key focus of the solution is the use of Technology in amalgamation with Lean Methodology for better outcomes in terms of cost, time, and quality of care.

Challenges for Today’s Diagnostic Center

Patient Experience

Generally a patient has to wait for >150 Seconds to get registered for the test due to Non Value Additive (NVA) activities on the care pathways

Finance & Billing
  • Instances of Billing fraud / Billings error
  • Pricing not in sync with Patient’s Category
  • Integration with Payers (Public and Private Payers /Insurances)
Integration Issues
  • Lack of seamless integration with Hospital Information System, PACS and Modalities results in delay in diagnosis
Business Reporting
  • Unstructured Data lead to unstructured business reports
  • Non- Availability of Real time business performance reports impact the decision making process
Resource Constraint
  • Lagging system, distributed pathways and unsynchronised process flows result in resources wastages (workforce, time) thereby impact quality of care
Financial Challenges
  • Delay in workflows result in loss of revenue opportunities for service provider

iDoc-Lx Ecosystem : Accessible, Connected and Cloud Computing

iDoc-Lx key approach is to empower healthcare practitioners to transform the care pathways by improving processes using innovative technology and domain knowledge. The modular, configurable, adaptable and interoperable platform transform the care and make it more accessible and affordable for patients.

  • Error Free Transactions
  • User based billing solutions
  • Robust Patient-Pricing Categorisation
  • Integrated ERP
  • Revenue Cycle Management- Insights to identify revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Develop a template for deep monitoring and analysis of clinical quality measures
  • Clinical Productivity Analysis and Monitoring
  • Clinical Report Management and insights for clinical pathway development
  • Queue Management
  • Performance Indicators – 4 Point TAT reports
  • 45 + Performance Reports
  • Modalities wise Patient LOS reports
  • Modalities Utilisation Reports
  • Business Performance reporting
  • Workforce Performance Analysis
  • Multi centers integration and real time data sharing

iDoc-Lx : Value Proposition

Simplified Queue Management: Care Pathway Illustration
  • Lean Registration Flow – Under 40 Seconds Registration
  • Flexible Workflow to suits each center needs
Workflow Dashboard Report : 4 Point TAT Report
  • L1- Patient to Bill TAT
  • L2- Bill to Scan TAT
  • L3- Scan to Report TAT
  • L4- Patient to Dispatch TAT

Productivity Analysis

Direct Impact on Patient Satisfaction

iDoc- Lab Management system

iDoc-Lx : Value Proposition for You

*DIC- Diagnostic Imaging Center can partner with DIC to institutionalise the iDoc-LX solution to create integrated information ecosystem to enhance  patient delight and identify revenue opportunities.

  • Cost Effective

–Low Module Cost with on demand customization

–Integrated Modules are developed future centric hence less customisation required

  • Integrated :

–Can connect, communicate and collaborate with multicenter at the real time

–Accessible Images data base creation for future research possibilities

  • Management Dashboard:

–Performance insights with 45+ reports, Self generating daily dashboard

–Data Analytics to focus on Cost, Quality and Time 

iDoc-Lx : Value Proposition

System Illustrations adding value to the care delivery

iDoc-Lx : Value Proposition

System Illustrations adding value to the care delivery

Registration Kiosk Display 

Modalities Corridor Display