AIaaS (AI as a Service):

Enabling healthcare institutions to utilize the power of AI, to effectively utilize the valuable data they hold and convert them into actionable information to enhance the effectiveness of operations. This involved analysis of their existing system, delivering a plan, guidance, training and deploying AI and RPA to transform the system to the next level. Resulting in – optimised operations cost reduction and revenue increase.


 Digital Transformation:

With extensive experience in bleeding-edge Technology combined with various deployments in the healthcare industry, is very aptly positioned to deliver digital transformation projects across the healthcare industry. This may vary from complete digital transformation of a Clinical set-up (Hospital Chains, Standalone Hospitals, Clinics and Diagnostic Centres) to technology consulting to adopt new-age tech solutions across care pathways.

AI Advisory:

Assisting healthcare organisations to define, design and develop AI Strategy and integrating care pathways to create future ready DNA of the organisation. The AI advisory includes re-design of processes, people practice and culture to embrace the AI strategy coupling with the vision of the organisation.